About Us

Time counts.

It counts for CEOs, midwives, students, teachers, and jungle explorers. It counts for you. The watch that you wear shouldn’t just tell time - that’s but one of the things it’s there for.

That watch should fit your wrist like a glove. Whether you’re a suited up businessman, a life-saving paramedic, or an Amazon-wading adventurer, the watch that you choose should reflect your lifestyle and hold up to all its rigors.

Gelfand & Co. watches were built on two core principles:

  • Your lifestyle deserves a watch that suits it - regardless of who you are and what you do, you will find a Gelfand & Co. watch that will easily match your personality to a tee.
  • Expensive does not count for good - our innovative production processes allow us to keep our prices down. A Gelfand & Co. watch is affordable, but never confuse that with cheap.

Gelfand & Co. watches are inspired by thousands of ordinary people doing thousands of ordinary (and extraordinary) things. When we started this journey we looked at what other watch companies were doing. Some were designing statements people paid for through the nose. Others were happy just stiffing consumers with flimsy products that are ridiculously overpriced.

There was no middle ground, until Gelfand & Co.

We promise to offer exceptional quality. Each one of our watches is crafted with a premium 316L stainless steel crown and casing, Japan movement technology and sapphire coated mineral glass to resist scratches. We deliver perfect workmanship to the dial and metal hour indexes. All of our watches use high quality IP plating, passing all wear and sweat resisting tests. Time is your luxury with a Gelfand & Co. timepiece on your wrist.